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Blagdon Lake Birds

Wildlife at Blagdon Lake

I started visiting Blagdon Lake in 1963 when fly fishing with my late father. We fished on and off at the lake together until he died in 2008. Having moved to Blagdon in 1990, I resumed one of my childhood interests, bird watching, and visits to the lake gradually increased to the point where I visit on most days, as a naturalist who has a deep connection with the site and its wildlife. I have conducted many surveys of the flora and fauna, and photographed a great deal of what I have been lucky enough to see over the years. I will gradually rebuild the website and add sightings with images, where I can, for the record because it's my aim to bring together information about the wildlife in one place, with the aim of publishing it for posterity.

When you choose a link on the right it will take you to information about that particular group. In the case of birds, for instance, you will be directed to a site bird list and there will be links provided to individual species, in green,  as I begin to rebuild the site. For the rarer species I have put together a list of those records I've found from the many sources I've trawled through.

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