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Blagdon Lake Birds

Blue-winged Teal Spatula discors (Linnaeus, 1766)

(Extremely rare Nearctic vagrant)



  • One, presumed adult ♀, 1st May to 10th Oct. 1993 (A.H. Davis, A.J. Musgrove et al.)



I quote from the Avon Bird Report 2013 as follows "A female paired with a Shoveler at BL between May 1st and Oct. 10th, 1993 was, according to the 1993 Report, "accepted by BBRC but not as a wild bird". It has now emerged that this was based on an incorrect interpretation of a comment in the BBRC annual report; the BBRC secretary has recently confirmed that this record was fully accepted by BBRC as wild. The local doubts at the time were in part due to the presence nearby of a presumed escape female Cinnamon Teal, also paired with a male Shoveler. At the time the BL individual was the third local record..."

The Avon Bird Report 1993 reported the bird as follows: "At BL, a female paired with a Shoveler was found on May 1st (AHD, AJMu et al.). The pair was seen displaying and mating on a number of occasions, and appeared to be holding territory in Long Bay. The Blue-winged Teal was seen regularly until May 8th, and then became much more elusive, only being seen on four dates until it disappeared on June 2nd (when it was thought to be incubating). There was no sign of any young when it reappeared on July 7th; it was then seen regularly until Oct. 10th. This individual has been accepted by the BBRC but not as a wild bird. Interestingly, a female Cinnamon Teal Anas cyanoptera (also paired with a male Shoveler) appeared at BL on May 2nd, and remained until Oct. 30th."


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