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Blagdon Lake Birds

Baird's Sandpiper Calidris bairdii (Coues, 1861)

(Extremely rare Nearctic vagrant)


Adult Baird's Sandpiper, Nome, Alaska, 22nd June 2012.Adult Baird's Sandpiper, Nome, Alaska, 22nd June 2012.


  1. One, juvenile, 12th-23rd Sep. 2001 (N.J. Voaden, R.F. Reader et al).


The only record was the long-awaited first for the Avon recording area, and a fantastic reward for Nigel Voaden who was a regular visitor to the lake each morning during the autumn migration period. After a phone call alerting me on my way home from a Bay of Biscay pelagic, Dick Reader was contacted and able to get to the lake quickly to confirm Nigel's identification and, as befits a first class Nearctic vagrant, it drew birders from far and wide, showing extremely well in front of the Fishing Lodge during its long stay. Nigel's account of the find is written-up in Avon Bird Report, 2001, with a photo by Dr Paul Burrows between pps 88-89.

Bibliography (sources of information)

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